Join Training 4 Transformation, LLC in Best Practices for Community Conscious Policing™ as we delve beneath the controversy to discover our shared humanity between law enforcement and residents. The most common way to build a shared vision of community is through one or several of our workshops.
Training 4 Transformation’s Law Enforcement Community Building Workshops based on experiential learning and equity-focused facilitation have transcended traditional barriers. Our trainers are certified in conflict transformation, multilingual, lived or worked internationally while maintaining roots locally.
More importantly, what has emerged is an innovative co-creative process that we coined Community Conscious Policing™ after developing curriculum alongside the City of Corvallis Police Department, FBI National Academy Association and hundreds of community participants.


Training For Transformation workshops are multi-faceted and dynamic using diverse formats and experiential learning that maximize engagement, sharing and learning. Together, we explore how cultural, religious and racial stereotypes influence our beliefs and its impact on communities. Additionally, the workshop aims to increase awareness about the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement personnel in creating strong and trusting partnerships within the community, and how those partnerships can benefit neighborhood residents.