The goal and purpose of T4T is to “Humanize our collective experiences and bring others together who may otherwise remain at a perpetual distance.” Training for Transformation (T4T) is a consulting organization working with law enforcement agencies and community members to build rapport and relationships that improve public safety and trust.

T4T facilitates equity-focused community building workshops with the intent of increasing participants’ awareness and understanding of community conscious policing strategies. T4T’s goal is to humanize the collective experience with regards to public safety.



A genuine commitment to community conscious policing™ strategies involves an organizational culture of accountability, which includes the following procedures (Walker 2014):


  • An early intervention system and how it can be used to its fullest potential to reduce violence, liabilities and restore trust with the community
  • Assistance from outside experts is a valuable and even a necessary process
  • Consult an outside expert, such as Training 4 Transformation, LLC, who will identify systemic gaps and recommend corrective action

In addition to Community Conscious Policing training and community building workshops, T4T offers the following services to foster transformation for organizations in both private and public sectors:


Keynote Speaking

  • Equity Paradigm Shift
  • Trauma Informed Systems
  • 21st Century Conscious Leadership
  • Optimal Performance Strategies
  • Public Policy and Community Advocacy
  • Social Enterprise and Innovation
  • Black Founding Fathers of the United States of America
  • Wage Disparity: Strategies for Women to Demand Better Pay
  • Closing the Achievement Gap


Training & Workshops

  • Community Building Workshops
  • Know Your Rights Training
  • Capacity Building for Membership Driven Organizations
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Identity
  • Impartial Bias Training


Coaching & Consulting

  • Equity-Focused Leadership Coaching
  • Organizational Equity Evaluations
    – Assess organizations on diversity and inclusion practices
    – Make recommendations to increase reconciliation; thereby enhancing performance
  • Minority Recruitment and Retention
  • Intercultural Leadership
  • College Success Coaching
  • Mindfulness Training and Stress Reduction