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Training for Transformation, LLC (T4T) is a minority, women, emerging small business owned certified firm that works with public agencies to support them in creating a culture of equity and inclusion. Depending on the needs of the agency, T4T offers a range of services necessary for organizations to culturally shift.  This process includes conducting equity evaluations and assessments, coaching leaders and management through systemic transitions, building employees and stakeholders trust, increasing employee’s cultural competency and confidence, establishing systems of accountability and creating sustainable equitable systems.

Our services are implemented collaboratively, thoughtfully and tailored for the specific needs and environments of each agency using experiential learning models and informed by the industry’s best and next practices. In the short time that T4T has been established, we have worked with the City of Corvallis Police Department, FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA), City of Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland Community College, teachers, students, advocates, community and non-profit organizations.

T4T specializes in community conscious policing™ strategies by confronting bias, prejudice, discrimination, privilege and oppression through a co-creative experiential learning process. We focus outreach efforts on the general population being served to gain authentic community access and personally invite the constituents who are often excluded, so their voices can be integrated into the process. Our focus is to work beside law enforcement agencies who are ready to move beyond module training and engage more deeply with residents they serve through equity-focused community building.



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